Your Health Care Decisions are Important

Appoint a health care agent and document and communicate important health care decisions

Remove the stress from critical health care decisions

Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney

A Healthcare Power of Attorney is a legal document that grants the authority to an individual to make health care decisions on your behalf in case you are ever unable to speak for yourself.

A Living Will / Advanced Medical Directive is a document that allows you to make important medical care decisions.

Thess document are important because it empowers someone to make sure your desires are met and it informs your loved ones of your wishes, removing the burdon of making serious life or death health related decisions.

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Control Health Care Decisions

Creating a Living Will allows you to inform your health care agent, loved ones, and medical provides of your health care desires if something unfortunate were to happen.

Peace of Mind

Relieve the stress and challenge of making critical health care decisions from your friends and familiy by planning ahead and having the conversations now .

Appointed Heath Care Agent

Appoint a trusted individual to serve as your health care agent to enforce the decisions and leverage the guidance you have provided in the time of need.

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